Sleep Master – 8 inch Total Therapeutic Comfort Premium Mattress Review

I love this product. I had been searching for a good mattress as now I have grown old and my bones cannot take on much pressure. I bought different mattresses. Few were costly, few were good in use but this is the first time I have found a perfect mattress that meets my needs well.Sleep Master 8 inches Memory Foam mattress

It is quite soft but positively firm to support my body and give me the required comfort with my bone related problems. I sleep all through the night uninterrupted and without any needless tossing or turning. My mornings are very delightful with no signs of pain or restlessness.

There were many memory foam mattress reviews warning about a strong smell of chemical from the shipped mattress box. I however did not experience any such discomfort. My mattress sized up quite fast and smoothly and I am very happy with this product after a long period of use.

I am not saying this is the finest mattress of all but I can rightly say that it is the finest of all I have used specially at its comfortable price range. I will definitely use it and recommend others to use it too.

I purchased three Twin Sleep Master Memory Foam mattresses of 8 inches. They were delivered timely and were set to use after 2 hours of expansion. The smell that comes off in the beginning is similar to other mattresses we had bought and is not an issue as the smell goes after a while anyway. The mattresses are firm and very good for my kids’ beds. The kids love them and that is why I am very happy with this product.

I opened the box after a few days of its delivery. It looks as promised in the description. I was however very discomforted by one thing; it has a very strong chemical odor which is not “harmless” as described by a disclaimer note in the product. I am airing the product of remove this unpleasant smell.

I hated to breathe in the nasty odor for some days because my studio apartment does not have any open space. There is not balcony or open space to spread out the mattress and this was not provided in the description by the retailer. Up till now, the mattress is giving off the unpleasant smell but it has reduced in intensity than when it arrived.