An Uplink Service That Can’t Be Beat

DirecTV bundles in California remains one of the least understood major provider technologies for television reception throughout the world, and yet in the end it is a relatively simple technology based on relatively basic physics theories. Despite the fact that many people are not sure exactly how the signal is received and played on the television set, that hasn’t stopped droves and droves of people from signing up as new satellite customers. In fact, over the last few years, given certain advances in satellite technology and improvements in the service, record numbers of television viewers have switched over the satellite TV from regular broadcast or cable services, and virtually all of them have been elated with the outcome-except for perhaps the oddball customer that cannot tell when they are being provided a superior service. Continue reading

Satellite Internet is Very Reliable

Hughesnet satellite InternetWhen my husband and I purchased a farmhouse in a small rural community in California, we were surprised to find out that we could not have cable Internet there. We didn’t even think to check this because it just seemed like something that would be everywhere. We definitely could not go without having an Internet connection at home, and it turns out that we did not have to worry about that at all. We noticed a satellite dish in some people’s yards on our road, so my husband did a search for Hughesnet satellite Internet in California from his work computer.

He printed off the information for me to look at too, and I thought that it sounded really good. I liked that professional installers would come out too. I know that some Internet providers will send a kit and have the homeowners take care of everything. Continue reading